Minutes Meeting Monday January 24 2020

posted January 26 2020

We thank Amanda Damiano, Professor of Communications at Marist School of Communication for her help and guidance. The group discussed at length the various methods communicating and advertising our club. The key issues we face this year is finding and attracting new member.

The following items were discussed at length:

  1. Poster distribution and placement at libraries and retail locations; including supermarkets, diners, bakeries, bagel shops, fast food location, gas stations, etc
  2. Media advertising; Newsday and local organizations news letters and periodicals
  3. Direct contact with social clubs and organizations
  4. Face book-­‐site and other Internet opportunities
  5. Person-­‐to-­‐Person contact at the park on racing days, Sundays and other times
  6. Poster placement at any Nassau County park facilities; golf course office, driving range, main building, wherever bulletin boards are available
  7. Placement of a large canvas signs on the fence(s) at strategic locations at the park
  8. Issuing Press releases of Club special events.
  9. Posting sailing club videos on U-­‐tube, including how to build, tune or join the club
  10. Direct mail flyers to possible organization who may support the efforts of the club
  11. Making presentations to social, environmental and senior center organizations
  12. Posters or flyers to local police and fire department organizations in Nassau County
  13. Deliver poster-­‐flyers to local area parks and playgrounds that have bulletin boards
  14. Prepare a video presentation showing how and where the club functions that can be emailed or target organizations.

Frank Conte

Secretary, EPMYC



Minutes Meeting Monday January 6 2020

posted January 7 2020

The Board of Director's met at Panera's Restaurant at 10:30am with Kenny, Murray, Frank and Eli in attendance.

Items discussed are as follows:

  1. Active and inactive members list was reviewed. We find that eleven members actively sailed last year. The board will increase efforts to recruit new members this year.
  2. The board agreed that in view of adequate funds in the Club's bank account no dues would be collected from new and existing members this year.
  3. Finding avenues to reach new members was discussed and the following methods are planned for this year.

Scheduling information:

Frank Conte

Secretary, EPMYC


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